Rainwater Collection Pre-Filter

These are a great item to add into a rain water collection system to filter out solid particles before the more expensive purification filters.

These filters do not purify the water.

Filters can easily be disassembled, cleaned and re-assembled in a few minutes without the need for tools.

Parts can be cleaned and re-used almost indefinitely.



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The particulate filters we offer can be customized for up to 23 filtration stages by changing the spacer heights and adding additional filter screens.

Ends are tapped 3/4NPT to allow easy incorporation into any water collection system.

To customize, please purchase the tubes, caps, spacers and filter products separately.

Our standard Particulate filter comes with a tube, two 3/4NPT tapped end caps, six 7/16″ ID Spacer Caps, 4 size 5 spacers, four size 3 spacers, one size 2 spacer, one size one spacer a wave spring washer and a filtration pack consisting of a strainer disc, 20 mesh screen, 60 mesh screen and a 100 mesh

These can be used for water collections systems, solvent traps/filters and many more applications.

This model uses grade 6061 AluminumĀ for the spacers, tube and caps.

Usable internal length is approximately 6.36″ (161.4 mm).


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