Standard Adapters


We now have a 13/16-16 Flash Hider attachment for the barrel adapters

EZ Connect Flash Hider


Barrel adapters for solvent filters

Black Oxide Stainless or Black Anodized Aluminum

Compatible with some oil filters and HIT end caps

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions N/A

1/2-32RHSS, 13/16-16 to 1/2-32RH Stainless, 13/16-16 to M24*1.5RHSS, 13/16-16 to 1/2-28 Aluminum, 13/16-16 to 1/2-28 Stainless, 13/16-16 to 1/2-36RH Stainless, 13/16-16 to 1/4NPT Aluminum, 13/16-16 to 13.5x1LH Aluminum, 13/16-16 to 14.5x1LH Aluminum, 13/16-16 to 14x1LH Stainless, 13/16-16 to 15x1RH Stainless, 13/16-16 to 9/16-24 Stainless, 13/16-16 to 16x1LH, 13/16-16 to 16x1RH Stainless, 13/16-16 to 37/64-28 (.578×28) Aluminum, 13/16-16 to 5/8-24 Aluminum, 13/16-16 to 5/8-24 Stainless, 3/4NPT to 18x1RH Stainless


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