The MPAM (Multiple Position Accessory Mount) is a rotating sight mount allowing for up to three sights to be installed simultaneously and rotated into position over the receiver to use.

Many shooters use a scope mounted on top of a carry handle and rail system while using a red dot on a 45° offset.

The MPAM replaces all of that with one mounting device.

A 13 slot picatinny rail is required for mounting. A standard AR15 Upper Receiver has 13 slots.

Total assembled weight = 11.3 Oz ( A standard A2 carry handle with rail weighs 12.9 Oz.


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Scope, red dot and front hard sight are NOT included.

A rear aperture with windage adjustments is built into the unit. (no elevation adjustment)

Each device can be rotated into firing position. The device will seat and “latch” into a repeatable position and can be changed in a fraction of a second with one hand.

With the variety of sights on the market, we do not claim that all of them will work together on our mount. One concern is the distance allowed between the bases. A large scope mount may interfere with mounting a device on the other rail if the base is excessively wide. We include rail spacers to help in configuring the sights to work together on the unit.

Overall length = 6.38”Rear aperture center-line above top of rail (receiver) = 1.41” (standard sight line height)
Body width (with rails) = 1.25”. Rails are 9 slot polymer picatinny rails.
Top of rail (receiver) to top of rail (MPAM) = 1.3”
(this is approximately 3/8” lower than a rail mounted on top of a carry handle)
Assembled weight = 11.3 Oz.

Height Over Bore:

The concern in regards to overall height are valid and one of the main struggles in developing this product. The MPAM top rail is 1.30” above the top rail on the receiver. This is approximately 3/8” lower than a rail mounted on top of a carry handle. The center line height of the sight will depend on the mounting base; however most optics can be positioned in a comfortable firing elevation. They can actually be installed lower than optics mounted on a carry handle.


Any time you add something to a rifle, you add bulk. This mount was developed for those of us who use or have tried the 45° offset mounts. A little more weight will be added as compared to the offset, but the sight will sit closer to the side of the receiver than it does while using the offset. The big difference is that either sight can be used in the correct firing position.


The mount itself weighs less than 13 oz. Adding a second sight also increases the weight, but if you already use an offset, the increase is only the difference between the MPAM and the offset mount.

Maintaining Zero:

Since there is nothing on the market like this, we understand the concern. And with moving parts it is not unexpected. The rotation is accomplished by the housing bearing rotating on a shaft. The mount is pulled back slightly to disengage the latch, rotated and released. Testing has verified that the mount can be rotated incorrectly over 400 times and still maintain zero. To decrease wear, we have added a Titanium latch plate to all of the new units.

The bearing we use is 3” long and the housing an shaft are made to strict tolerances.

Maintaining zero is accomplished by the housing seating in recesses located on the inside face of the front mounting bracket. A compression spring located inside the housing maintains pressure on the housing and holding the button heads engaged into the front mount recesses. There are 4 separate engagement spots that will guide the housing back to center during transition and maintain a significant amount of surface contact for the size. In the engaged position, there is approximately 25 pounds of pressure holding the device in position.

Additional information

Weight .82 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 1.8 × 1.8 in


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