Tool Kit for 80% Arms Universal Drill Press Jig (NOT for Easy Jig)


This tool kit contains all the components necessary to successfully utilize the Universal Drill Press Jig with either a drill press or mill. This kit is NOT compatible with the router based Easy Jig, which uses much fewer tools.


1 ea. H (0.266″) HSS Drill
1 ea. 0.375″ HSS Drill
1 ea. 0.156″ HSS Drill
1 ea. 0.125″ HSS Drill
1 ea. 1/2″ HSS Drill
1 ea. 7/16″ HSS Drill
1 ea. 3/8″ Carbide Endmill
1 ea. 1/4″ Carbide Endmill

Endmill specs:
3/8 end mill 3 flute, 0.500 length of cut, 2.5 overall length
1/4 end mill 3 flute, 0.625 length of cut, 2.5 overall length

The high-quality carbide drill press end mills are made in the USA.

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